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There is no coincidence in life!



As a dressmaker for 27 years, I have always enjoyed seeing the satisfaction on my customers' faces after I altered a garment that they thought was unfixable. As time passed, sewing became more than a habit or a profession. It turned into a way of communicating with my clients. Considering that each person walking into my shop, will enter with a different need. Beside the work needed, we will talk, exchange ideas, words of encouragement and testimonies.

Through the years, I developed the habit to always try to make a difference in the life of anybody that requires my services. Often, some come with a garment but unsure if it is the right one or not. Therefore, that person needs  alteration and an emotional boost.

As things go, it came to my understanding that I could use my God given talent to reach out to more people. Beside sewing, I developed another habit, which was writing poems. In the good and bad times the Holy Spirit will inspire me to write something, I will do so and hide them on my shelf. Thinking that was between God and I. Until at the end of last year, God inspired me to put the poems on pillows.

Writing poetry became a way for me to give praise to my heavenly Father. It brings me joy to express my gratitude on paper. My favorite book in the bible is Psalms, as the main character David the Psalmist,  despite everything never stops praising God. I understand how he must have felt when he was looking back to see where God took him from humble shepherd and made him into king David “ the man of God's heart.” 

After all, I came to the conclusion that nothing is a coincidence. It was all planned by the maker and the biggest fulfilment in life is to be able to look back and smile with gratitude, in remembrance of so many ups and downs, holes and falls that God always put us back on our feet, for his glory. There is nothing that we can’t overcome in life with God’s help and my hope is that like the dresses I alter, my poetry in some way helps transform lives.